How It Works

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your dream items. That’s why there are only three simple steps and to be honest you only need to take care of the first step, we will take care of the rest!

1. Step - Ordering:

⦁ Choose the item.
⦁ Upload the photo of your pet by using the upload button on the order page. 
⦁ Add the item to cart and finish the order!

2. Step – We get to work on your item!

⦁ Our professional team of artists get to work on making your personalized pet item.
⦁ We use the necessary design and photo retouching techniques to produce a high-quality design for your item.
⦁ We have our experts check that the retouched photo quality is up to our high standards.

3. Step – Your unique pet item is made

⦁ The customized pet item you ordered is then made with high quality materials.
⦁ Before shipping the item gets a final check to make sure everything is ok!
⦁ The item is shipped and you receive a tracking number for the package.