Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of photo should I use?
Photo tips and guidelines:
- Make sure the photo is high quality
- Make sure every part of the pet is inside the photo, so no parts are out of the frame.
- It is better if the photo is a closeup on the pet
- It does not matter if there is anything on the background, but ideally the background is clear.
- Ideally the pet is completely on focus and not blurred. It is okay if something in the background etc is blurry.
- We will contact you if there is any problems with the photo, but to make the process as fast as possible, it is best to get a high quality photo from the start.

How many pets can I put on one item?
The poster can have as many animals as you would like, but for the mobile phone case we only do one pet per case for now!

Do you make only customized dog items?
“Sure, you can do a dog portrait or mobile phone case but… Can you do a hedgehog? A lizard? A mouse? A hamster? A dragon?”
We love all animals and our team of artists can handle pretty much anything, so if you meet the photo guidelines you don’t need to worry about it.

Can you do an item with humans
No Unfortunately, just pets for now!

Can you add items or remove them from the photo?
We can do some editing, but we there are so many variables that we cannot give a guarantee that the editing is available for all photos. We can often remove harnesses or collars from the photos, and we can mostly fix small spots and red eyes etc.
Do you add color to the items?
If the original photo is black and white, we won’t change it into a color photo, so the final item will have a black and white picture as well.