About Us

Present puppy is all about Kitties, dogs, puppies, cats, horses, hamsters and all pets! We love animals and we also love graphic design and art. We provide customized pet items that help you show your love for your beloved pet. We have professional artists dedicated on making the perfect customized pet item for you. This type of wall art and mobile phone covers can amaze the viewer, but especially so, when it features your own pet!


After being entrepreneurs for over five years we wanted to work on something we are truly passionate about. While working our daily jobs we had some paintings made, and naturally they featured some of the dogs in our life. The paintings of our own dogs became widely popular among everyone who saw them, and we wanted to share this joy with the world.


We want to share the love for our pets, and we love to see it when our customers share their customized dog paintings on social media. We also love to hear the stories behind the photo.